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Custom 3D logo directory signs

Posted by Murray Johns on Jan 27, 2011 2:04:00 PM

Why settle for Flat Stanley's world when you can opt for that of Tron?  And what do these book and movie concepts have to do with custom commercial signs - especially "directory signs"?  "Directory signs" sound about as exciting as looking through "index cards" at the local library ... 

Think about the last great looking sign you saw - chances are pretty good that it offered some unique dimensionality that distinguishes it from flat, 2D signage.

Although large format printing capabilities can create the effects of multi-dimensioned features by using drop shadows, bevels, color gradients, there's nothing quite like the implementation of all three dimensions to create impressive business signs.

3D business logo directory signDimensional letters and logos, together with standoff hardware and brushed metal sign panels, were used to create this great looking directory sign with room for expansion.  The letters and logos were fabricated from laser cut acrylic and accented with white cut vinyl.  No more wondering who the tenants are in this building!  The sign was fabricated from materials that are compatible with an exterior environment.

acrylic directory panels on standoff hardare

More simple directory signs can be made using sign panels (metal, acrylic, wood, etc.) coupled with cut vinyl or digitally printed decals and standoffs to give the sign some dimensionality.

The directory pictured at left is a combination of clear acrylic with black cut vinyl letters fastened to the wall with standoffs.

When considering the need for directory signage at your facility, be sure to consider the option of pursuing a custom 3D sign.

Indoor business signs can be an effective way to reinforce your brand and message throughout your facility, and adding a third dimension to the signage design will enhance your signage program.

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