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Camouflage Camaro Wrap

Posted by Murray Johns on Oct 28, 2011 5:23:00 PM

You've seen camouflage truck wraps aplenty ... but a camouflage Camaro wrap?  Wait 'til you see this!  We were contacted by Browning to create a custom camo wrap on Kristy Lee Cook's new Camaro - we like to call it the "Camoro"!  Using a licensed Mossy Oak pattern vinyl, we transformed the car into a stealthy transport that might have a hard time hiding on suburban streets, but that sure turns heads ...

Camo Wrap on Camaro

With camouflage wraps becoming more and more popular in the sportsman and outdoor community with companies as well as with individuals looking to personalize their ride, we welcomed this challenge and went to work. We have the ability to use many registered and well-known camo wrap patterns including the Mossy Oak patterns, RealTree branded patterns, etc.  With over 20 options of licensed high-resolution prints available, the options for a unique camouflage wrap seem endless.  The particular Mossy Oak graphics we used for Kristy's car were fabricated under license by Mossy Oak Graphics.

After final application of the vinyl car wrap, and with permission from Browning, we applied the Browning "Buck Mark" logo to the hood in matte white cut vinyl, thus crowning the wrap with a final touch suitable for this wrap. One thing that makes this particular type of vehicle wrap so unique is the ability of our installers to line up the patterns across the car, so the pattern was flowing continuously through the bumpers, hoods, and fenders.

Front Camo Wrap with Cut Vinyl Logo

Browning wrote up an article online to highlight Kristy's new camouflage Camaro wrap.

With the ability to print and cut digital graphics in house, we can help brand a camouflage vehicle wrap with your company name to set yourself apart in your market from your competitors.  Or, we can simply help you create a personalized look that will help you blend in at the stop light or in the field!  Looking for other types of car wraps for vehicle advertising in the Nashville area? Call us today!

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