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Color Change Car Wraps: Paint vs. Vinyl

Posted by Rich Novia on Apr 4, 2012 6:00:00 AM

It's become tradition to immediately think of paint when discussing changing the color of your car.  Paint has been the preferred choice of auto enthusiasts alike to set their vehicles apart from one another.  Good quality paint jobs are expensive, and custom colors come at a premium price.  The issue with paint is its permanence - once you've painted the car, that's the way it's going to stay.  What about vinyl car wraps?  Manufacturers of specialty car wrap vinyl materials are seeing the possibilities of a market open to semi-permanent solutions and are stepping up to the plate.

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(image courtesy of Oracal USA)

The idea that you can wrap your car a solid color (known as a color change wrap) and then remove it to return your car back to the original color for resale is intriguing.  Imagine this; you buy your new car and want it matte black. If you paint the car, when you go to trade it in or sell it privately, you have to find a niche customer base interested in that look.  But if you wrapped the vehicle, you can remove the vinyl car wrap, and the car is not only the same color, but the paint is in the same condition as the day it was wrapped- adding life and value to your car.

matte black color change wrap in process on WRX STi

It's something that began with the wealthier population - leasing their exotic Lamborghinis or Ferraris and wanting to customize them. They have the vehicle wrapped in a color of their choice, thus protecting the finish on the paint and simultaneously achieving the custom look they desire.  When the lease is up, they simply have the wrap removed, get the car detailed, and trade it in with the paint in mint condition.

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Color change wraps not only allow you to be creative with your color choices thanks to manufacturers offering more colors than ever, but it's an investment in the life and resale value of your car.  I don't know of too many custom modifications that can help resale value in the future. It's a great choice, a cooler look, and offers the client a great alternative to the more permanent solution of paint.  Contact 12-Point Signworks for an estimate on your custom color change wrap!

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