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New vinyl car wrap textures and colors!

Posted by Murray Johns on Feb 14, 2013 11:11:00 PM

Through HEXIS USA, we've been introduced to a wide variety of vinyl wrap materials in many colors, sheens and textures that we'd like to share with our reader audience.  Hexis is a European manufacturer headquartered in France with USA warehouses on both the East and the West coasts.

HEXIS black leather vinyl car wrapBlack leather vinyl car wrap (Photo courtesy of HEXIS)

Hexis car wrap films, like others in the premium vinyl wrap market, are a "cast" vinyl with an advanced adhesive that simplifies wrap installation.  This type of wrap film can actually be used to wrap a variety of non-automotive objects as well.  As an example, we used a Hexis matte metallic silver vinyl to wrap a piano used by Alicia Keys to sing the national anthem at the 2013 Super Bowl.

Super Bowl vinyl piano wrapMatte metallic silver vinyl piano wrap for Super Bowl

Textures available from Hexis including the following unique options:

carbon fiber vinyl car wrap colors

Carbon fiber vinyl car wrap color options

Car wrap vinyl alligator skins and sequins options

Alligator skin and sequins car wrap vinyl options

Brown alligator skin vinyl car wrap HexisBrown alligator skin vinyl car wrap (photo courtesy of HEXIS)

Matte vinyl car wrap colors

Matte vinyl car wrap color options

Car wrap vinyl gloss colors

Gloss vinyl car wrap color options

Hexis white pearl gloss vinyl car wrap

White pearl gloss car wrap vinyl - beautiful! (photo courtesy of HEXIS)

Why is it important to consider "cast" wrap vinyl instead of "calendared" or "intermediate" vinyl for car wraps?  Cast vinyl, as a result of the way in which it is manufactured, is more conformable.  This means that it can stretch and conform to irregularly shaped surfaces much more easily than a calendared vinyl, which is typically a stiffer, thicker material.  Cast vinyl will also shrink less over time than a calendared vinyl.

The types of wrap vinyl portrayed here can be used to do complete color change vehicle wraps, or they can be used to create accent areas in designer wraps on cars.

If you're looking for something unique, Hexis films offer a high quality product with a wide assortment of textures and colors to consider.  Call us today for a free consultation regarding a custom designer wrap for your vehicle!  615-595-6564

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