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4 Tips for Creating Successful Retail and Business Signs

Posted by Murray Johns on Jul 18, 2013 2:00:00 PM

When it comes to putting up retail signs, you may be tempted to go big and bold, but this may not be wise. Creating effective signage requires careful strategizing, so that you can be unique without being obnoxious. By following these four simple tips, you can accomplish this.

Outdoor dimensional logo retail storefront signageDimensional logos enhance outdoor retail signs and create a unique look that blends with the building color while allowing the business logo to really "pop"

1. Know your surroundings
Bright, neon retail signs are great - if you're located on the Vegas Strip. But installing a loud, oversized sign in an area where other business signage is more professional and refined might be a bad idea. The human eye prefers symmetry, uniformity and complementary colors. It is possible to create a sign that matches the overall size, shape, texture and color palette of your surroundings without blending in. It's the subtle things, like an attractive 3-D sign, that make the difference. 

exterior outdoor retail sign sandblasted woodSandblasted wood sign to create an attractive 3D retail business sign 

2. Cover all of your bases
In addition to complementing your surroundings, you must consider other factors. First, be sure that your outdoor signage is weather resistant. Additionally, don't make it easy for vandals to access your signage for "tagging" or rearranging letters to spell out offensive terms. Lastly, ensure that the brightness of your signage matches with other signs in your area.

3. Embrace unity
As stated previously, uniformity is appealing and adds to a sense of professionalism. Even if your building or strip mall doesn't enforce regulations or requirements for its retail signs, do your best to bring in a unifying element, like size.

Pylon sign with acrylic tenant sign panelsUniform size for tenant panels in a retail pylon sign

4. Plan for the future
In terms of new construction, building owners should plan ahead for attractive, appealing logo signs. Implementing a program for size, color or brightness requirements will help to make this possible. Remember to allow for flexibility as units are re-tenanted over time.

Outdoor dimensional directory logo business signRetail business signs include outdoor directories with 3D logos to identify their presence

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