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Matte Black Jetski Custom Vehicle Wrap

Posted by Rich Novia on Feb 27, 2012 10:15:00 AM

One of our customers recently brought in his Honda Jetski to see if we could wrap it in matte black vinyl.  From the initial assessment, it seemed easy enough. We knew there were going to be some contours and areas where we had to seam some vinyl, but given the surface areas, it wasn’t going to be that difficult.   We took delivery of the ski, and began disassembly.  Removing the rub rail of the ski, the hood assembly, seat and seat mount brackets, to all the external hardware proved to be a bit more difficult than we had expected.  We ended up having to drill out the rivets that held on the rub rail, and re-riveting the rail back on after the wrap.  We also ran into an issue with the foot pad removal in the foot channels of the ski, as they are glued to the surface of the actual ski.

Custom jetski Wrap, custom vehicle wrap, 12 point signworks

Once disassembly and prep was done, we began wrapping the individual parts of the ski.  Starting with the body of the ski, primarily in the foot channels, we wrapped from the bottom up.  The aggressive concaves of the ski proved to be a true test to the vinyl’s ability to conform and adhere.  With a lot of patience, and finesse, the installer’s were able to get the ski completely wrapped.  We then topped off the ski with some gloss black cut vinyl military-inspired cut vinyl decals.   Once the vinyl work was completed, we began reassembly.  Thanks to proper labeling during disassembly, we were able to identify and put the jetski back together much quicker than tear it down.  Using a rivet gun, and ¾” rivets, we re-installed the rubber rub rail back to factory specs, and properly installed the rear stabilizer fins.

Custom jetski Wrap, custom vehicle wrap, 12 point signworks

The final touch to the jetski was the matte black registration numbers on the gloss black hull.  The customer also received a set of silver registration numbers, just in case the DOT doesn’t approve of the visibility.  This project proved to be a bit more difficult than we had originally thought, but the end result is very unique.  We feel we accomplished something different and enjoy the overall look of the project.  From bright white and blue, to matte black this jetski has been transformed from your everyday off the lot watercraft to a custom stand out wave runner.

Custom jetski Wrap, custom vehicle wrap, 12 point signworks

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